What happens to HNU main’s campus after students transfere to Dampas HNU Campus?

I heard from the Dean of Law from Holy Name University Atty. Thomas Abapo that with the students newly transferred to the brand new Dampas Campus from the main the owners of the university are possibly planning and considering to make the building into a commercial building?

At present the old main campus has just a few classes a day and the students are going there to do administrative business.

The new HNU campus looks really nice in its Dampas location!

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Buzz Cafe interested to lease roof top of Oak brooke bldg.

An emergency meeting was held two days ago between officers and members of the Tagbilaran City Host Lions Club at the Garden Cafe restaurant in Tagbilaran City.

One of two topics was to go over the MOA between the provincial governor and the club itself to have the building leased out to the owner of the BUZZ Cafe located at the ICM Mall in Tagbilaran City which is also the same owner of the Bee Farm on PanglaoIsland Dauis.

The MOA had some rehashing to do before members decided to sign the agreement between the Governor and the club.

Such as percentage earned on rental and who is responsible for what. The Oak Brooke Building is a long time project of the late publisher Zoilo Dejarasco who was also a Melvin Jones honorary member of the club.

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Ermita Ruins under excavation again in Dimiao Bohol

Dimiao Bohol was recently awarded nationally for owning up to a historical site which has been run down for some time. There is currently a third archeological dig happening to take out any further findings and remains left of those persons either Aristocrats or the Spaniards who were buried there some time during the early 1800′s the.

The bones in the Ermita Ruins are on a second move from another grave in where the bodies belonging to those bones where buried in another grave sight according to history from other digs in the past.

The newest dig is being implimented through 3rd. District Congressman Arthur Yap to have the bones preserved and to try and learn more from the dig.

Some of the media who was present during the monthly police reports of Talakayan sa Isuyung police were invited by the mayor herself to check out the dig and the ruins. She believes that the nationally recognized sight will add more tourist that are already flocking to Bohol. Read more about it in a write up done by me in this weekends edition of the Bohol Chronicle Newspaper. (March 13th 2011).

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Drugs on the rise in Bohol….does anyone really care?

In my own opinion,

I normally write down what is in my head and my heart and this subject is not so keen in my book as I have been a victim to peoples stupid choices in their use of drugs.

I recall a year or two ago I had gone to the Cathedral asking the priests to open up their hearts to the local vendors who were kicked off the streets for selling bar b Que items at night. I think the reason for it was because this big magnet hole for drinking beer all hours of the day was coming in to sell their bar b Que foods at a down town city mall for a higher price so the competition was to much for them to consider being in Bohol so the LGU who owns the building where this drinking hole now exists had kicked out street vendors who were not hurting anything, who were just families with no other means to support themselves so they became well known as “Sky’s the limit” selling really delicious bar b que foods even better tasting then the one at the new mall.

I was trying to ask the priest to find a way to help these families who were kicked out trying to make a living to support their families as jobs are scarce here. I thought it would of been great for the church to come up with donating a lot at night for the vendors to continue selling their foods in order to support their families.

I told the priest I would rather see this than some of them having to resort to stealing, or selling drugs or into illegal gambling or any other criminalization activity to make money illegally.

I was shouted at and I was threatened to have the police called on me just for making a suggestion to try to help others live here.

Now look at the current situation of Bohol robberies, killings,illegal drugs and gambling are taking place……as I had predicted.

I warned the churches things would get bad if they did not help these people who need help the most.

How am I suppose to feel when I am spoken to in such a way by people who are looked upon as Godly and they do not want to consider or entertain my way of thinking good for others (I was told I was not a Catholic and that I had no rights to suggest anything)…. It was so non-becoming of that priest and it had become a hot topic over the local airwaves as I had went live over phone patching to DYRD to explain what had taken place at the church when I had showed a grave concern for the people here.

This incident is already almost two years ago. Drugs then were not even noticed how they are today here.

I have even expressed concerns of illegal prostitution being done near by to a Catholic university here, with a really good priest from both the states and here. I really liked how he listened to me and I hope he appreciates my insight on the matter, as he had thanked me so very much in helping him as they just had held a seminar on illegal activities in the area of concern.

We need to as a community report anything that is wrong when it comes to seeing drugs, or other illegal activities.

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Higher prices for commodities on daily rise

Fish, rice, vegetables and gas are just a few of many necessary commodities to make it through a normal day of living here in the Philippines.

Bohol has become so expensive and I have noticed on a daily basis that these simple needs in life are always on the rise. Yesterday pancit at my suki shop sold for 15 pesos today it is selling at 17.85 pesos. Onions small red before use to sell at 11-15 for a small convenient pack now the starting price is around 20 pesos and up.

The sad thing about this is I can never understand why things are pre-packaged in cellophane? It just causes these foods to not be able to breath and makes it more faster to become rotten and the stores are still charging high prices for half rotten products that are being pre packaged.

I am friends with people here who own and operate several boats in the fishing industry here. They spend just for gas alone in one day of fishing of over or around 58 thousand per day. This does not include the labor or foods for the crew.

Fish is currently going at Barot Barot 110 for kilo as the same of some other fishes. Regular gas is at almost 47 pesos at all gasoline stations.

The problem with raising prices for the locals is not so good when their salaries are not being increased. When I first came here to Bohol over ten years ago good rice was selling at 16-22 pesos per kilo now National Food Authority (NFA) rice is selling at an average of 29 pesos per kilo.

Global changes in the weather is also making an affect to these price increases and with the bizarre weather we are experiencing these days crops are having a hard time from being kept from being damaged.

Gas prices have not moved up for over a week or two but the excuse is always the price of gas…..Or is it that being barely able to get one complete meal a day on a families table here is due due to those business’s who just make excuses to price gauge on any excuse for raising the prices here?

I do no recall states raising prices on commodities as rapid as it is currently being done here which is daily and I do not see the dollar getting any better in the exchange to Philippine pesos and most people in Bohol are supported by  over seas Filipno workers (OFW) workers.

“STOP PRICE GAUGING” PEOPLE ARE so very HUNGRY here…. Churches need to start stepping in more by offering more help to the very poor. The bible said that doing charity is an act of God.

I speak from experience as a an officer of an International service club here in Bohol it is sad to say that our feeding activities have increased and the number of malnourished children are on the increase so here is you proof that parents are not making enough money to keep up with the high price demand to keep their growing families healthy.

We use to just do feedings in Tagbilaran City alone and now we have started to travel outside of the capitol city of Tagbilaran  to do feeding projects in other municipalities in where we have seen a big increase of malnourished batas (Children). We do feedings not just in schools but also in barangays that are having the highest in poverty levels.

My suggestion is to grow your own gardens and to help others build a garden in order to save the families budget.

Less texting, moderate internet cafe usage, buy what is important and necessary social status typing is not even close to being as important as your own health.

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