Do you sell things such as baked goods, personal property?

This topic can have your things discussed for sale put in here.

Item description cost and contact number.

Or locatin of where your goods are sold at?

For example I rent half a shelf at BQ grocery I am selling baked cooked from scratch with an American home made flavor from scratch! I sell Banana loaf mad with pure banana’s, chock-chip cookies, cupcakes and miscellaneous baked cooked!

Feel free to post your for sale item here…

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2 Responses to Do you sell things such as baked goods, personal property?

  1. precious says:

    I am currently aware of an internet cafe being sold in the heart of the city in front of Metro Center Hotel, All PC units are brand new and wide screen color black.

    Contact owner Tor Tellin at the internet cafe during evening time.

  2. precious says:

    Here comes the sun restaurant is currently selling home made somia and great tasting Filipino snacks at it’s location onLesage St. besides to Disco records and Du Ek Sam.

    The restaurant also offers hot Filipino foods served fresh Daily at 12 noon.

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