Foreigners who need help or concerns or comments about Bohol/Phils.

Hey foreigner friends, welcome to my site. I have been living here for almost 10 years to date.

I know there are times when some things are not so easy to understand here in Bohol and I know there are times when we as when we foreigners get totally over-joyed and we tend to show what is considered an over excited or emotional feeling or reaction for the people here…I have for example learned the hard way many years ago that  it is not okay to hug people here when you greet them.

Or if the natives offer you a bite of food do not refuse or is it considered as an insult to them…

Or being charged double because you are a foreigner…

ETC… I think this will be a good category for all foreigner related items to land here that are happening here. Other foreigners are encouraged to suggest support and how to find help here for different services.

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2 Responses to Foreigners who need help or concerns or comments about Bohol/Phils.

  1. Alan Jay says:

    Hi Pricilla, Good luck with your new Blog Site. Hope it lets you vent some frustrations and at the same time help foreigners and locals alike.

    Keep up the good work, AJ

  2. Priscilla Richards says:

    Thank you to my English friend AL who was the first person to reply and make comment to my website.

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