July 30th Non-Working Specail Holiday.

The Philippine Prsident Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has moved July 30, 2010 as a non-working holiday to make room and give honor to the newly elected pliticians to take in their induction rites before taking over their newly respected posts as public servants.

On the local level in the province of Bohol a well known and well loved peoples choice Congressman Edgar M. Chatto will be taking over as Bohol’s newly elected Governor. The rite program is now under finalization for the province. With the talented speaking¬† Ardey Areneta Batoy as the Co-Host…With Ardey at the helm of the microphone wearing here new green Filipina gown for the event, Ardey has expressed inside her face book account that she is very happy to do this nice event in her home place being the province of Bohol.

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