Post skills and job postings here.

Anyone looking for employees to help out with their own business or for anyone seeking employment rather temporary or full time can post here any safe legitimate job. (Bohol/local vicinity).

Looking for work: Please specify what skills you have and the type of work your looking for and hours of availability?

Employees needed: Please list down company name, job title,  job description, requirements of work expected pay days and hours needed for work?

Note to companies and employers: Please do not post in here if your not following the EOE laws. Discrimination of not employing persons do to their race, age, color, religious preference or gender personality as well as if they are pregnant or have physical mental handicap should not be held against anyone when applying to work.

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  1. precious says:

    I know of a very skilled and reasonable carpenter who is honest and very hard working if you would like a recommendation plse notify me at my administration email contact.

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