Public concerns… that need attention for better improvement.

This topic post will do with the things in the the capitol city of Tagbilaran or the province that need to brought to attention.

Down wires. no water service, no garbage service, roads needs repaired, better lighting, better road traffic enforcement…ETC…You post what is on your mind as your own concern for the community and the environment.

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  1. Priscilla Richards says:

    Last June 16th, 2010 I was given a parking ticket of 250 pesos for being parked on COG AVE. I had parked with many other Motors and thought it was okay to park beside them.

    I later realized there was an anti parking sign posted in the area but not visible to drivers in the same one direction lane.

    This is the fault of the maintenance people who are in charge of the posting of these signs according to Driver Education instructor who is a representative of the LTO.

    Even if the signs are not placed where they can be seen they the driver if parking in a no park zone with-in the city no parking areas are the ones responsible for the ticket.

    I myself personally wonder why such laws are being imposed all over the area especially in the down town business areas when businesses are paying high taxes through their customers patronage as it is with the current economic situation business should be encouraged but when this anti parking law is in affect how can we patronage the business and and be rendering taxes for what are to be good public services?

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