Tagbilaran City Host Lions to hold induction rites.

July 18. 2010 Tagbilaran City host Lion’s club will be holding their induction rites for new members and newly elected officers.

The Lion Club members are encouraged to invite along with them one prosperous interested person who would like to join the International Lion’s Club.

The club will be presenting one well known business man from Bohol with a Lion’s pin honoring his Lion service’s of 25 years. The business mans name is being kept in suspense until the night of his awarding.

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  1. Priscilla says:

    The induction dinner for the Tagbilaran City Host Lion’s International Club has been set at the cost of 300 per person. The venue for the induction is Metro Center located in the heart of down town Tagbilaran.
    If you have a heart that is kind in helping out the less fortunate please contact me on my website and leave a number and your full name if your interested in becoming a member of the Lions?
    All it takes to be a good lion is registration fee of PHp1500 and monthly dues consisting of 300 per month.
    Good attendance in projects and meetings.
    I have applications to be filled out.. My goal is to have about 3-5 new recruits or more if more people desire to join.
    Have your name added to the induction program…we are the original Lion’s club of Bohol…. It would be roaring terrific to hear from you!!!

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