Your news kindly needed here…Or news you have eyewitnessed?

If ever you have a public service information that  you want said over the radio or put into print please post it here. I will do my best to get the information out through both print and broadcasting over the radio

Also if you have any news either good or bad for the public to be informed about that is happening here in Bohol, please feel free to write about it here. Maybe I or someone else can follow it up for you, anyone else with info can discuss it here with you on this site as well.

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One Response to Your news kindly needed here…Or news you have eyewitnessed?

  1. precious says:

    I recently posted an article regarding an Italian foreign national who was a victim of tulis here a month ago in his own home in panglao unfortunately he he expired last Sunday evening at Raniro hospital in Tagbilaran city after being shot during the robbery that had taken place in his house in Panglao last month the victim became paralyzed and went into coma state the family took him off of resuscitation….

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