Dengue Fever strikes at two USA citizens staying in Bohol

Two twenty year old victims were attacked with symptoms of the ever growing problems of Dengue Fever.

The first victim is a fourth year nursing student attending UB college.

The second victim is a 20 year ols male who is here from Arizona State USA doing his mission work in the Philippines for the Church of Later day Saints.

Symptoms they have had in common are headaches behind the eyes. high fever and red blotchy dots in home tested areas.
Dengue once a person is contaminated with the virus will attack the blood platelets and can cause internal hemorrhaging inside the body. So far this year 7 people have dies from this disease.
Most people at home in America refer to this disease as being similar with the West Nile virus,

The mosquito dengue like to hang out in shaded cool places such as stagnant waters and under lo planted shrubs an plants and are known for flying around in low altitude and only in the daytime.

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