DYRD AM Tagbilaran By Night news

Boy finds mother coming from Manila.

Last May a young man who we will call him by his first name of Jason had come from Manila to Bohol to look for his mother who he had not seen for some time.

The young man came to station DYRD AM radio program that is very popular over the airwaves and can be heard Monday thru Saturday nights in the time slot at 9pm-11pm.

The boy came to Bohol without money and clothes except for what he had on his back.

The program anchorman at the time was Joe ligan who was filling in for regular anchorman Geri Pabe who was running for a city councilor in the last election held last May.

The young man was taken to the city PNP station where he spent the night and the TBN shows volunteer this administrator had taken him a bag of snacks from a local snack place.

One month later this writer received a text the young man was looking for work anything to survive while trying to find his ground in Bohol.

This past week this writer received another follow-up text that he was adopted and taken under the wings of another family and attending college.

He had found his mother alive and well remarried in the town port of Ubay Bohol.

Jason came to Tagbilaran City yesterday to catch everyone up who had helped him in the beginning.  He wanted to stop by the studios of DYRD/KISS to thank everyone for his support in finding his mom and for finding him a good place to stay in where he is able to go to school.  This writer has seen nothing but good moral character coming from him considering being abandoned by his own natural mother when he was younger.

Way to go DYRD AM public radio really helps those in need….

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2 Responses to DYRD AM Tagbilaran By Night news

  1. precious says:

    The young man has found his mother in UBay. The mother is with a husband and living in Ubay. The boy tries his best to stay in touch with his mom. He is not living at home he is attending an alternate school and living with a family that has taken them under their wings.
    He is a nice young man looking for work while attending school. He text me often to let me know what he is up to.

  2. precious says:

    He text me the other day with concerns to why teachers are not being paid for some time now?

    He said that several of his class mates are being asked credit from their teachers still unpaid to them he asked me to look into this matter? Anyone with information please make comments.

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