Young Entraupenuer to open restuarant in Tagbilaran

Here name is Catherine she is just 19 years young and not a stranger when it comes to retailing a business.

Cathy will be opening up the restaurant “Here Comes the Sun” by as early as the end of August.

The food menu will include a variety of foods and include all three meals of the day and merienda time is also offered and is a favorite pastime for Philippine persons.

The venue of the restaurant is located across from HNU Main campus on Lesage St.

The hours of operation will be 6AM-930PM on Sundays will be closed to honor of the Black Sabbath. A day in the bible where no money or work is to be made or or earned for profit or gain.

International dishes will be available as well as Filipino dishes.

The restaurant has opened with a soft menu while still under renovation and at present offers hamburgers, soups, pancit canton, home baked cookies and muffins, fried chicken w/rice….

Breakfast will be served starting next week second week of September.

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2 Responses to Young Entraupenuer to open restuarant in Tagbilaran

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Priscilla. My deaf foreigner visited to gave donations and goodies for Boholano friends last Feb 2009.

  2. precious says:

    Robert tag asa ka karon?

    Asa ang hatag sa donations last February? This resto also serves homemade muffins and cookies and real banana bread.

    The owner of the resto also fills purchase orders for BQ Mall with her tasty baked snacks. located on Lesage street next to disco records outlet…

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