Barangay Cogon is rated high in cases of Denge.

Tagbilaran City, is where this small barangay sits. Here they have mostley wet markets in where people are vending fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood catches of the day and red meats as well as fowl can be purchased raw and dressed here.

Several persons living in Cogon have or had been reported with having cases of Denge. In an earlier post I had wrote about my friends getting hit with this disease which is inflicted into human beings of all ages can be fatal if not treated on time a properly.

Most often therapy includes water therapy in where you need to put a lot of water into your system either by IV or swallowing big intakes of more than what is normal to drink in a one day day period at a time.

The province of Bohol this week wants that everyone be able to chip in and lend a helping hand in the combating of this mosquito who is commonly known for flying around and attacking his victim in the early morning.

Ways to combat mosquito and Denge is to get rid of all stagnant water laying around, make the 4 Oclock habit of burning the garbage or trimmings around your house so the smoke will drive the Denge and lamook away.

Trim back all your green shrubs and over grown vegetated areas, as denge and mosquitos like to hide in brushy plants in order to stay cool. These insects also breed in any type of water being stowed.

Denge is fatal to young toddlers and infants if the symptoms are not taken care of right a way. Denge is not as bad on adults as it is to babies, children and senior citizens.

Please consult your city health dept if you think you may or someone who you knows might have symptoms of Denge fever.

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