Foreigners are they discriminated against in Philippines.

This week a foreigner who is Dutch and has a really nice Filipina live in girlfriend contacted this administrator and told her that several of his foreigner friends who have businesses with their spouses have complained to him about certain uncalled for behaviors against foreign business owners.

He is concerned for his friends who are in business here knowing what are the words being said to people from here.

I need to agree with this foreigners insight on the matter as yesterday I had experienced two times derogatory statements against me because of helping my daughter out by capitalizing a restaurant in her name.

I was told by two Philippine business persons that it is better to have Filipino manager and to hide from a business. And both saying foreigners do not have any rights here in the Philippines.

I see it as very hurting and a grave slander to any foreigner for such statements to be said to any of us.

Foreigners want to make jobs to help out Philippines and the economy and keep the money local.

I am aware of billions of dollars lost when foreigners travel abroad and send money to the Philippines instead of spending it in states where the money was made to begin with.

I am also aware of Filipino persons who had businesses in America and I do not recall anyone saying mean things to them. In fact what I do remember is the American citizens welcome and encourage these persons to do well no matter what color, religion,  country they may come from. The business was full of native American citizens who were had packed the place every night during business hours.

What I have seen here is foreigners own a business the place is normally seen empty/mingaw. For example look at all the Chinese business owners here…. and look at all the families who depend on the pay of their Chinese bosses that so many in Philippines work for.

I know I have never been so mean to people in my country coming to visit from other countries. How could these two say such mean things against a foreigner?….

Do acts of discrimination against others fall under an act of our God and his son Jesus Christ?

I ask Filipinos to give respect if foreigners open up businesses here as we are trying to create jobs for people who need the money to support their kids and family who would other ways not have a way of making money for a healthier and better livelihood for your people here….

Remember if you hurt foreigners in business you also hurt the livelihood of the Filipino and his family working there at the foreigners business.

Discrimination is a bad word…..

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