Parking in the City of Tagbilaran is annoying.

Everywhere you look there are “NO parking allowed”signs up and down both sides of the street. There are so many no turn left or no turn rights, and one way streets.

Most businesses when complying for a business permit they have had to set back twice two different times at five meters each time to be able to qualify for parking….but no one is allowed to park as LTO traffic enforcement is out in strong force planting tickets on many windshields due to parking in a “No Parking zone”….

Further updates later….

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One Response to Parking in the City of Tagbilaran is annoying.

  1. precious says:

    I have often found that going to the downtown area do to my shopping isd very annoying as I worry that even I spend money patronizing Philippine businesses I will be penalized for doing a good thing.

    I am well aware that many businesses are paying taxes and this parking issue should be handles by the City in where the mayor should be the one to make parking instead of the businesses to set back meters all the time.

    It is really becoming a hassle here in Tghilaran City to be in a business.

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