Foreigners opening up new business in Bohol

Side Walk Cafe, is open now with all original windows version with over 20 brand new spanking computers to serve you internet needs. The business also offers promos to customers on Saturday and Sundays.

Encoding, xerox copying and more. Please visit the internet cafe located on CPG Ave across from the Metro Center Hotel. Currently under the old name as Okimato Internet cafe. Owned by a Filipina and her Swedish national live in…


A brand new Taylor shop was just opened up this afternoon in Baclayon Bohol.   The owner is an American and his long time Boholana wife and together they have two young children.

Dave has lived here in Bohol for sometime now… and has decided to make Bohol a place he can call home. His wife is an elementary teacher.

The address of the taylor shop is Alburquerque,  Bohol. Across from health center and Santa Monica Church.

For inquiries about your tailoring needs please get in touch with Dodong #09093880444

The shops name is “KW Tailoring & Store


“Here Comes the Sun Restaurant”

Located beside Du Ek Sam’s and Disco Records store on Lesage St.

This restaurant serves foreign dishes and baked items that taste just like straight out of your own home oven.

Binignit, creamy fruited milkshake drinks, Pizza pies loaded with your favorite toppings and was recently rated by DYRD Tagbilaran By Nights crew as the “Best Pizza in town!” they also serve Halo2 at the resto….all foods are cooked and prepared by our Filipna food tech’s and the foreign foods are prepared by an American with over 30 years of resto experience ….Food worth coming to Bohol’s shores for! Owned by a Boholana and her American mother who has lived in Bohol for ten years. Packed box lunches are also available for your groups functions. For orders please contact Catherine Machete at cell number  0929113037   or Kit at 09104202663

Princess Kelley Laundromat,

Located at Lamdagan St. Cogon Dist, near to Cogon machine shop.

Load per kilo is 25 kilos and up depending on what type of load you have. Bedding’s such as blankets sleeping bags pillows can be washed and taken care of at princess Kelley’s laundro.

Kelley is a beautiful Fil/Am who is currently a 4th year student at UB she is a co-owner along with her very loved cousin Manoy.

The softener they are using is out of this world! Smells super terrific!


Another foreign business man has also opened up a coffee shop across from Ramiro Hospital on Galleras St.

I heard he is also serving snacks….


There have been several other foreigners opening up business here and providing Boholanos and visitors with a taste from their own hometown!

Just post here if you would like to have me list your business in this site…

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