Raffle Tickets on sale now!

local media group members who belong to the AWARFI BLAC LUDABI are currently selling raffle tickets for their scholarship program each ticket cost 20 pesos and money left over from the scholarship money raised will go to the end of the year Christmas Party for their members of this said organization.

Top prize includes one sack of premium rice….Good Luck!

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  1. precious says:

    I have lost my password to this site. I have updates for this club as well.
    Information from the last meeting. Insurance forms were filled out by members, Jesse Tirol sold Ludabi calenders at 40 pesos each for the year 2011.

    Other activity discussed was regarding the Christmas party and it’s venue and the last date of raffle ticket sales. Raffle ticket sales end on or around the 16th of December. The venue will be held at JJ’s Seafoods Village.

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