Higher prices for commodities on daily rise

Fish, rice, vegetables and gas are just a few of many necessary commodities to make it through a normal day of living here in the Philippines.

Bohol has become so expensive and I have noticed on a daily basis that these simple needs in life are always on the rise. Yesterday pancit at my suki shop sold for 15 pesos today it is selling at 17.85 pesos. Onions small red before use to sell at 11-15 for a small convenient pack now the starting price is around 20 pesos and up.

The sad thing about this is I can never understand why things are pre-packaged in cellophane? It just causes these foods to not be able to breath and makes it more faster to become rotten and the stores are still charging high prices for half rotten products that are being pre packaged.

I am friends with people here who own and operate several boats in the fishing industry here. They spend just for gas alone in one day of fishing of over or around 58 thousand per day. This does not include the labor or foods for the crew.

Fish is currently going at Barot Barot 110 for kilo as the same of some other fishes. Regular gas is at almost 47 pesos at all gasoline stations.

The problem with raising prices for the locals is not so good when their salaries are not being increased. When I first came here to Bohol over ten years ago good rice was selling at 16-22 pesos per kilo now National Food Authority (NFA) rice is selling at an average of 29 pesos per kilo.

Global changes in the weather is also making an affect to these price increases and with the bizarre weather we are experiencing these days crops are having a hard time from being kept from being damaged.

Gas prices have not moved up for over a week or two but the excuse is always the price of gas…..Or is it that being barely able to get one complete meal a day on a families table here is due due to those business’s who just make excuses to price gauge on any excuse for raising the prices here?

I do no recall states raising prices on commodities as rapid as it is currently being done here which is daily and I do not see the dollar getting any better in the exchange to Philippine pesos and most people in Bohol are supported by  over seas Filipno workers (OFW) workers.

“STOP PRICE GAUGING” PEOPLE ARE so very HUNGRY here…. Churches need to start stepping in more by offering more help to the very poor. The bible said that doing charity is an act of God.

I speak from experience as a an officer of an International service club here in Bohol it is sad to say that our feeding activities have increased and the number of malnourished children are on the increase so here is you proof that parents are not making enough money to keep up with the high price demand to keep their growing families healthy.

We use to just do feedings in Tagbilaran City alone and now we have started to travel outside of the capitol city of Tagbilaran  to do feeding projects in other municipalities in where we have seen a big increase of malnourished batas (Children). We do feedings not just in schools but also in barangays that are having the highest in poverty levels.

My suggestion is to grow your own gardens and to help others build a garden in order to save the families budget.

Less texting, moderate internet cafe usage, buy what is important and necessary social status typing is not even close to being as important as your own health.

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