Oak Brook building ribbon cutting for the states art.

In my own opinion,

Last Wednesday around 4 O’clock PM a ribbon cutting ceremony took place at what is known as the states lion club den “Lion’s Cubs International” the building sits on state property next to the St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral in Tagbilaran City.

The building is known by the name of Oak Brook and for sometime it was used as a free children’s library. But with more access to a savvy way of learning and communicating the library for the children had become extinct.

A foreigner from Israel with a desire for Boholano arts had met with AE. Damalerio the provincial administrator of Bohol to discuss some sort of a venue to have these great artist talents exposed. He told me that he noticed this building (Oak Brook) was sort of lonely and not utilized.

He suggested to the government of Bohol to find a way in somehow to make use of the building which sits on state property. The building itself was founded and funded by Jun Zoilo Dejarasco. Jun was also the of the founder of the well known media outlet known as the Bohol Chronicle/DYRD radio corporation. Dejarasco was also a great member of the Lion’s club.

Prior to the ribbon cutting the state governor said that as a congressman in the 1st. Dist of Bohol he would drive by the building and see that there was not much activity going inside of the building on so according to him he had made a letter to Tagbilaran City Host Lions Club to ask permission to make some sort of use of the building.

Prior to permission by the City Host Lions President George “Ahoy” Lim a key was borrowed by the states administrator. Bohol Lion memorabilia was taken of the walls and neatly instructed to be put away by the states helpers. Damalerio attained the key from President Lim’s wife Fely.

A bonsai tree collection and posted security guards were already standing in position at the entry of the building and at the doorway before any kind of discussions had been agreed upon my the Lion club members and its officers.

A pre-meeting had taken place with the state administrator with just three Lion embers present Fely Lim, 2nd Vice Pres Priscilla Richards and Bebe Melicore in where this was the time that state said that they will utilize the building and share any proceeds with the Lion clubs.

During a past regular meeting this month Damalerio in where Damalerio was guest speaker and told the club that the owners of Bo’s Coffee wants to rent the roof top for a coffee shop or internet cafe.

According to the state the rental would be shared between the state and the lion clubs.

The museum now displays art work such as sculptures, paintings and drawings done in watercolor, acrylic, charcoals, oils…etc. All work being done with the hands of the Boholano.

Ribbon cutters for the event were Governor Edgar Chatto, Tagbilaran City Host Lion President George Lim and Mam Butalid from the provincial arts dept.

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