Tagbilaran City Lions to meet up with Provincail Admin. Damalerio

Oakbrook building which sits on provincial property near to St. Joseph Cathedral in Tagbilaran City has been under security post watches as it is provincial property and the governor of Bohol would like to facilitate the building for making money for the province.

About three months ago Prov. Admin. A Damalerio asked Lion President member George Lim for the key to get inside of the Oakbrook building.

When going to the building later to get materials for the annual Lion international “Peace Poster” contest he and other members had discovered that Lion club memorabilia had been taken down from the walls and put away.

When the project was over Lion’s president George Lim explained to the club members what he had observed of the clubs meeting place? Members of the club once hearing this had hurried over to their meeting place which is also used as a children library and were greeted by security guards from the province.

Those members who had gone there were Fely Lim, DMD. Velma Lim, BB Melicore, and Lion’s Vice President Priscilla Richards.

Faces of the members were red and some personal sentiment could be read in their faces and comments as to why the members were not properly informed ahead of time of the provinces plans to re-do the inside and make plans to have part of the old building renovated to be leased out.

One to two days after the shocking news Provincail Admin. A. Damalerio met up with Fely Lim, BB Melicore, and Priscilla Richards to discuss the plans of the local governor to put the Oakbrook building into some use to raise monies for both the province and the club.

The meeting this weekend will include the topic discussion with Damalerio on what it is the club together with the provincial governor can agree upon for the use of the building.

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