Talakayan Sa Isuyang Pulis (Denhi sa Bohol)

About 7 months ago Bohol’s Camp Dagohoy came up with an ideal to help with media and police relationships not just in Tagbilaran but for the entire province of Bohol.

Some of the earlier forums were on gun safety laws and practice which included taking the media to a shooting range to show their skills at where to shoot when in times of absolute necessity.

The forum has also talked about media personalities being stalked and how to look for tell tale signs of being preyed upon. Most times anyone who is a target for a hired hit-man to get at will have his subject followed for daily routine and by that he will figure on when would be the best time to target his subject.

Other Talakayan forums are being held at various municipalities across the province. So far the group has traveled to Clarin, Candijay, and Pitogo a small island off of the coast of Ubay.

The groups next get together with the provincial pulis of Bohol is expected to be next month in Mabini.

I will start updating readers on what are the police accomplishments as far as arrest are then discuss each municipals police stations goals that are being discussed with the local ,media.

In the forums about 7-8 PI PNP from different municipalities will attend and give reports to the media.

Stay tuned for up to date police report happenings across Bohol.

My write ups can be read in Bohol Chronicle just after every Talakayan Police Forum on a monthly basis.

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