Ermita Ruins under excavation again in Dimiao Bohol

Dimiao Bohol was recently awarded nationally for owning up to a historical site which has been run down for some time. There is currently a third archeological dig happening to take out any further findings and remains left of those persons either Aristocrats or the Spaniards who were buried there some time during the early 1800′s the.

The bones in the Ermita Ruins are on a second move from another grave in where the bodies belonging to those bones where buried in another grave sight according to history from other digs in the past.

The newest dig is being implimented through 3rd. District Congressman Arthur Yap to have the bones preserved and to try and learn more from the dig.

Some of the media who was present during the monthly police reports of Talakayan sa Isuyung police were invited by the mayor herself to check out the dig and the ruins. She believes that the nationally recognized sight will add more tourist that are already flocking to Bohol. Read more about it in a write up done by me in this weekends edition of the Bohol Chronicle Newspaper. (March 13th 2011).

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