Bohol PNP hold gab for Bohol tri Media Association (BTMA) members.

Last Friday August 27th, an all day security seminar had ben conducted with the provincial PNP spearheaded through the local police director LLorca.

The PNP presented a power point lesson to how media is expected to conduct themselves in crime scenes.

The media was given a a lecture from a couple of police members.

Media should where ID, media should say to the one being interviewed before the camera rolls is how many minutes will be expected for the interview.

The police also discussed on what to do if they were being surveillance by strangers were told to be cautious as this could be that a threat that is put on to the media individual be a part of studying this media every move and the ones doing the spying are also making reports on the threatened persons character and reporting it back to the one who they are working for this is done so the person can carry out the threat intended to that person in the first place.

Several tips on PNP relations with media were passed out all day long.

After the lectures was a a shooting of fire arms and fire arm safety lecture. 15 media were present for the seminar while 9 media stayed behind to take each of ten rounds of target accuracy and practice…

Tuesday morning a special certificate was handed out to the media members who participated in the all day seminar. The certificates were given under colors of the Philippine nation and media were saluted for having to go through the seminar involving security in media and firearm safety and usage…..

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