Italian National a victim X2 with a one stone throw of bad luck

We will call him Jon. A foreign national from Italy who was shot in the mouth while he was in his house as it was being robbed in Alona Panglao Island last month has been laying in ICU at a private hospital known as Ramiro located in the capitol city of Tagbilaran City Bohol. Jon has been fighting for his life. But unfortunately the fighting is not enough as His family just recently ordered to have his resuscitation taken off after his vitals continued to lower by much last Friday night.

Jon has had complications with breathing and recently went into a coma. The order to stop resuscitation came from the victims family. Jon is married with an older Boholana women….

I will do my best to keep others who read this up to date on the next status….

The suspect is still at large and this robbery incident is just one of few against foreigners here in Bohol in the past few weeks.

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