Local foreigner resident reactions to last weeks Manila hostage sittuation.

Several text messages came flying into this site administrators celphone with foreigners who were outraged about the handling of the Chinese hostage sittuation.

One American who text me on the night that everything happened was using so much foul language in his texting that i was afraid to reply back to him…

Despite his angered reaction at the time when it was happening he has toned down and said that it was an isolated incident and that a majority of Philippine persons are so good to him here that this incident should not be taken out on the entire nation for a few peoples actions.

He also went on to say that this type of thing happens all over the world not just here in the Philippines.

Foreigners I know are showing respect to the Philippines instead of remorse as foreigners who live here have a better sight for much of what is happening around us….

After that that incident in Manila China black labeled this country as far as warning its people not to travel to to the Philippines.

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